Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teapot Tripod for time lapse painting demo

"Art Deco Still Life," Available at Gallery + / 78th ST Studios in Cleveland, OH (or directly from me here.)
Remember that time lapse painting demo I did a little while back? Thought you might like to see my highly sophisticated (not) camera set up, behind the scenes....  It's a teapot tripod!! 
This teapot has come in handy more than once (see above.)  But I am working on getting a set up in place so I can turn on an actual video camera while I paint (and forget about it!)  Hope to post more demos in the future.


  1. Very creative! Is that a smart phone you're recording with?

  2. Your rendering of silver is always great

  3. Teapot tripod! Great idea! I love all your work.


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