About this blog

This blog features my new work. Most paintings are daily paintings and measure 8" x 8." They are photographed, still wet upon completion and posted at 6:30pm EST.  Some are projects/commissions, some experimental flights of fancy.  I try to liven things up with stories about the cats I paint, art tips, musings and hopefully a bit of inspiration. Click here to subscribe.
Paintings of Coco, in home muse extraordinaire.
I became inspired by the daily painting movement to try painting in oils in 2007. This blog began as a way to journal my progress as a painter. Over time it evolved into a personal and professional touchstone. My floral art has been published as posters and greeting cards. When I started painting my own cats (two at the time) my art took on another dimension... My cat paintings have been featured in Modern Cat Magazine, The Artist's Magazine and Cat Art Show L.A. More recently, they were finalists in competitions in Southwest Art Magazine and International Artist.

About me
I grew up in rural Ohio. The call of the big city and sunshine beckoned in my early 20's.  I relocated to L.A. where I finished a BA in Studio Art and enjoyed many creative pursuits. Upon moving back home to Ohio, I got lucky and met my (now) husband.  We live in Tremont, a historic district of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is just one cat in our house. His name is Coco and he just may be the most painted cat in history... for the sure the most handsome!  :) 

Many of my subjects are initially photographed at a local shelter... Most shelters are filled to capacity. There's so many wonderful companions there, waiting for humans.  Should you need a furry companion, I encourage you to visit your local shelter and adopt!

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