Saturday, October 11, 2014

Deco Still Life before and after fixing a painting

AFTER:  Deco Still Life  Oil on wood  16" x 16"  SOLD
BEFORE:  Oy, bad photo, I realize this in hind site!
Well, you'd think I repainted the whole dang thing based on these photos...  The before photo was shot inside and it's too yellow, my bad!   The after photo of  "Deco Still Life" was taken outside this morning and the overall colors are (shockingly) more accurate. The only parts I actually repainted are the daisies, a few stems and the blooms in the horse head vase.  
If you are wondering "Mmm, I wonder why Diane is hauling out her oldies but goodies and attempting to make them perfect?"  All will be revealed in tomorrow's post.  :)

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