Friday, June 1, 2012

Pink Swirl Bouquet what did I get myself into?

Pink Swirl Bouquet  Oil on cradled wood  11" x 14"  $420.
As I up the size and complexity of my paintings,  previously employed techniques which I thought I had mastered seem like new and perplexing challenges.   I had more than a few "what the sam H am I doing?!" moments while painting Pink Swirl Bouquet.


  1. A perfect painting for June...Beautiful floral, Diane!

  2. Beautifully done! Glad you powered through as this is a favorite! Gorgeous pinks:)

  3. Great painting and it looks fresh with no labored signs. The mark of a master!
    I am glad you wrote you struggled because it happens to me and I have no idea why. It is hard going through it though. Keeps me humble for sure!

  4. Looks gorgeous to me, too! I know what you mean about how tough it is to go any larger from the small ones. And anything over 16x20 is positively aerobic!- It takes a lot out of you physically as well as mentally! A friend of mine with much more painting mileage says it all comes with practice- sort of like an athlete in training! (he's been a great coach!).

  5. Wow wow wow...your growing talents are so amazing!


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