Thursday, August 2, 2018

Righteous Rita

Righteous Rita Oil on panel, 10" x 8," $410.
Sorry so mum the last few days! I've been multitasking a little more than I like.  Coming into the studio to paint was a welcome relief today. 
A quick share of the latest development in my kitchen renovation: a light fixture has been installed!  Pictures for your amusement attached. 

The old one used to bonk my husband in the head. ...until I tied it up with some picture hanging wire.  (kind of hilarious, considering the rolling pin design) -- the new one is bonk-free and features a dimmer.  I love it though it's a little more "glitzy" than I had anticipated?! Maybe the solution to that is add more sparkle to other parts of the room?! I had thought to skip a backsplash/tile and just do beadboard on the walls, now re-thinking that. Happy August!


  1. That old light fixture is a hoot! I've never seen a fixture that incorporates both chuck wagon and kitchen kitch before! lol. I'm not altogether kidding when I say it belongs in a museum. Is it homemade? That rolling pin looks professional grade. Even before I read the post, I thought that new fixture looked more "uptown" than the rest of the room. Maybe eventually move it to another place? Glad your husband can go into the kitchen without getting hopped!

    1. Dang auto correct...which I call, auto incorrect, I meant without getting bopped! Don't know what hopped means lol

    2. Lol, I know. Electrician said I should sell it on Ebay. :) NO! (to moving it somewhere else!!) I like it very much and needed something less "earthy-rustic" in there!! Pretty sure I can make it work. TY for commenting, dear Anne!

  2. Love the painting...his eyes are so cool!! I thought our old light fixture was bad...can't tell you how many times I bonged my head on ours too!! But yours is even uglier than mine, and I thought that would be impossible!! HA! Love the new one a lot!!!


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