Sunday, August 5, 2018

Crimson Cat and Hoeptner on Katzenworld

Crimson Cat  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
Last Friday, an interview with me and my cat paintings were featured on Sara Day's "Friday Art Cat" column, part of all-about-cats UK website Katzenworld. Check that out here. :)

Today a special thanks to Maggie Swanson (illustrator extraordinaire) for allowing me to paint "Crimson Cat" from a photo posted to her shelter cats blog.

In unrelated news: project kitchen over haul continues.  I started shopping for wall treatments.  Doncha know wallpaper alone wouldh've been food enough for thought...  but no.  I went to a tile shop too (mind blown!!) 

Though a bit overwhelmed with the variety of choices I did discover a couple tasty selections that may (or may not!) make the cut. 
Love the wild life theme! (Etsy wallpaper on left)

Included above, a picture of the wall that might be wallpapered. 

A few weeks ago, I found some wallpaper on Etsy that I liked. 

I had thought it so charming... (because deer! bunnies!) The Sherwin-Williams store had so MANY wallpapers.  I found another with deer! Gorgeous!  
Not to mention the neutral colors are a perfect match for the floor tile and would make the cabinets pop. 

lovely rippled glass tiles
Truth be told I found a half dozen beautiful wallpapers... and going to the tile shop complicated things further... The floral themed tiles to the right were my favorites. 

I brought one home with me to see what they looked like in the kitchen and they would totally work. Meanwhile, shelves need installed before tiles (doh!?) so yeah, maybe I swing back around and figure that out next?!  Feeling discombobulated but strangely optimistic. :)


  1. I'm always drawn your white cats. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful painting and cat! I'm happy to report that this cat from the PAWS shelter in Norwalk CT was adopted soon after I took his photograph.

    1. Happy to learn kitteh was adopted!! That is good news. Thank you, Maggie!

  3. Ohhh, this kitty is gorgeous!! I am so diggin' the floral tile and wallpaper...yikes, hard choices!!


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