Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In the Air

In the Air  Oil on panel, 8"x8," SOLD
Complimentary colors and "broken" underworked paint have a fresh quality that I surely do like and want to do more of.   
A progress shot for your extreme amusement...  More WIPS can be found on my Instagram account...  Instagram is super fun! Would love to see you there too!  I am @dianehoeptner 


  1. I love your this one the way you painted the background really makes the ball look like it's turning in air!!! Very cool!!

  2. So great! I love how the spare background focuses attention on kitteh & ball. Xoxo

  3. Super enjoyed seeing the "in progress" paintings ,particularly my torie, which I look at daily. Having an under colour brings a degree of freshness that seemingly can't be added other wise...terrific


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