Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Parakeet and Lilies, and a brief ramble on painting dark values

Parakeet and Lilies  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
I used color pencils for many years...  Getting dark values dark was a big challenge...  Keeping darks dark with oils is also difficult. My tendency is to stubbornly re-apply.  Though, painting more lights around them does the trick too.  Sometimes starting a little lighter (with the darkest darks) is ultimately better- especially when using photo reference...This is something I'm learning as I go.


  1. Stunning!Particularly love the light to shade in the background and the bird

  2. Your darks look good to me Diane. Richard Schmid believes that your darkest darks are always warm. Dan Gerhartz mentioned this too at the workshop I attended. (I think he got it from Richard) But I think there's something to it. Does it work this way for you?

  3. Oh BTW, I've not been that active on my blog but I do have a new website if I haven't told you already (sorry if I did). Not that many images up yet, but I'm working on it. Check it out.



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