Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Getting to Know You II, Painting of a Cockatiel

Getting to Know You II  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
This is a Cockatiel, a native of Australia.  Cockatiels come in a variety of colors and temperaments. They are generally characterized as cuddly, curious and quiet.  While both male and females can whistle melodies, the males can learn to talk.


  1. ok, i have a new favorite. What's not to love here? Your cockatiel is adorable and painted beautifully, Diane.

  2. Great pose! And I love how you did the background.

  3. Beautiful, Diane!!! Great balance and flow throughout. Love the shock of yellow in his crown/crest.

  4. Beautiful...love his coquettish pose and the background. Another amazing painting!!

  5. Masterful! So very lifelike and incredible! He obviously enjoyed your attention--what a flirt!
    I've never had a bird look at ME that way, LOL! Dreamy edges, as usual.

  6. Hi Diane - the little guy looks so coquettish! I love this one because of the colors and his cute pose, his eye spark ... oh, I just read that Kathryn said coquettish too :)
    Happy Painting!


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