Thursday, December 16, 2010

Xmas Blooms painting of flowers in old jar

Xmas Blooms Oil on wood 8" x 10" N/A
Click image to enlarge.
The pretty quilted fabric in this painting was acquired at a flea market for $5--  Good deal!  Next year (among other things) I want to incorporate more patterns into my still life set ups.  They add so much dimension!  This painting will not dry in time for Christmas delivery, sorry.


  1. Beautiful painting Diane! Definitely a good deal on the fabric. wonderful, rich color on the flowers

  2. Diane,
    Beautiful! My favorite are the closed ones and the one on the right just opening. Man, you can paint. Great idea on the patterns.

  3. The patterns do add dimension and you are so good at painting them. Love this - the shadow and the pink popping through. Just lovely!

  4. This is beautiful! I love those rich dark reds, perfect for Christmas.

  5. Yes, I certainly love the textiles in your still life paintings. This is a lovely Christmas painting, not loud, just very gentle!


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