Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sleepy painting of Coco cat

Sleepy  Oil on wood   6" x 8" 
Click image to enlarge.
It has been proven that the presence of a cat will lower one's blood pressure, reduce anxiety and alleviate feelings of anger and depression.Cats themselves rarely seem stressed. Our Coco tends to spaz out more than most cats, but he has his peaceful moments.


  1. Coco looks VERY relaxed! I like the softness of your painting.

  2. I always love your flower paintings, but I must say this is wonderful!! I have a black kitty that this reminds me of so much. You do wonderful work.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the presence of a cat painting such as this might also lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

    Loveeeely,soft tones - one can almost hear the purr.

    Happy Holidays - keep warm!

  4. Yes, it's so true. That's why we adopted 2 furry guys today that resemble Coco!
    I always enjoy your feline portraits. Awesome!

  5. Love the soft shadows and subtle colors. Beautiful. And yes I do believe cats lower blood pressure...except when they are mad and do something terrible to your shoes.


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