Saturday, December 11, 2010

The River Gallery Open House and two Marks

Tonight there was an open house event at the River Gallery in Rocky River, OH. I have seven paintings on display there, two of which depict cats (see above.) A high point to the evening was meeting Mark Cole the Curator for American Paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art. He actually awarded one of my paintings an honorable mention at an exhibit at a different gallery earlier in the year. It was a unexpected thrill to meet him!

Also tonight, I acquired the most exquisite ceramic trinket box. It was made by Mark Yasenchack (yes, another Mark) who happens to manage the gallery. I usually save my recreational shopping for shoes and handbags, but I couldn't resist.  When you see his lovely creations, you'll see what I mean.  Click here to visit Mark's website.


  1. Congratulations on the Honorable Mention award. Looks like a nice gallery. Mark Y's creations are really cool and unique.

  2. I hope you do well on this exhibition too, Diane! You must show your cat paintings close-up some day!

  3. So nice for you to have these shows. I really understand your buying the trinket box. Mark's ceramics are wonderful.


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