Monday, December 13, 2010

Hover Cat painting of cats in interior

Hover Cat   Oil on wood   8" x 10"  SOLD
Click image to enlarge.
We have two cats and this painting captures a typical pose.  Layla is prissy and smug like most cats.  Coco on the other hand is a nervous cat and always shadows whatever Layla does.  My husband called me into the livingroom the other day to point out Layla sitting so pretty in the light--  and of course Coco wasn't far behind anticipating her next move. *It's 6 below ZERO degrees here with windchill!  So, I am stuck inside trying to get photos of my paintings before it gets too dark, ugh!  The photo of this painting doesn't do it justice, it's way better in life.


  1. Looks great! Can't imagine how much better original is. Love looking at your work :)

  2. Diane,
    Very pretty and love the story about how different they are. The light coming in is lovely.
    I hear you about taking photos- just got a photo cube- it is amazing. Can take pictures at night inside with no glare! No more chasing the light outside! Worth every penny.

  3. Really neat painting. You have a great way with light in all of your paintings. So interesting.

  4. I love this painting... it is the exact behavior of my two cats. Friday always has to be the center of attention while Pharoah is content just to be in the same room as Friday quietly watching him.

  5. Roslyn, seriously? Isn't the funny? Did you adopt Friday first and Pharoah second? I wonder, because I know Layla was first in the household and that to me explains why she acts like she owns the place.


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