Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Chocolate Challenge nestles brand

Bouquet Bonus Oil on wood 8" x 8" $175.
Click image to see bigger.

Chocolate Kisses by Pablo Villicana Lara
Watercolor 8" x 8"
As painting challenges go, this one won't win any prizes for variety-- but it's all aces in the "quality of entries" department! Pablo Villicana Lara and I took the challenge to paint a Nestle's Chocolate Bar. Pablo has a way of painting sunlight (on pottery, faces, fabric, oh and chocolate!) that is positively magical, to see more of his paintings visit his blog. Next time around we're going to make it a point to invite a few more participants. Do you want to paint the next challenge? Leave a comment here or send me an email. We'll do another one after the holidays sometime!


  1. Yum! Both of your paintings look great. I'd would love to be part of the next challenge.

  2. What a super subject my personal fav... chocolate and Hersey to boot.


  3. It is without a vase and the lace on the table, but I will still recognize a flower you have painted anywhere, Diane. You had a fun challenge and it is interesting to see the difference in styles. The brand can feel flattered!

  4. Both pieces are wonderfully executed, but my preference is
    Boquet Bonus. The brushwork is outstanding.

  5. Love both these pieces...the lilies are perfect and beautiful since the company is closing in Hershey and it looks like the perfect tribute to another company gone down the tubes so to speak....
    and the piece with the kisses...well, have I ever seen a chocolate bar I did not like?
    Great challenge! Depending what the subject matter is of your next challenge I would love to do it in watercolor or acrylics.

  6. Chocolate Challenge - yum!! Pablo's painting is so different from yours which makes a challenge so much fun. Seeing the creativity is amazing when artists are confronted with one subject. I like both paintings. What is the next challenge going to be? Can't wait!

  7. Hi all, thanks for your comments! Linda: Regarding the next challenge, I don't know what the subject matter will be. Pablo had a bunch of good ideas (Day of the Dead theme, old toys etc...) -- I'll announce here whenever we get that figured out. But like I mentioned, it won't be until after the holidays!! Thanks for your interest.

  8. Yummmmm! I love the chocolate bar with the kisses. The tension in the foil wrapper is so convincing and enticing!

  9. The lilies with the chocolate is an interesting juxtoposition! I love the depth of value in the chocolate bar peeking out from behind. I also really like the light dark relationship!


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