Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sun Floaters sunflower paintings pair

Sun Floaters Oil on wood A pair of 12" x 12" SOLD
Click image to see bigger.
More sunflowers, this time a pair of 12x12s for a project. These will be available for purchase after about a month or so. Please email if interested, both are $585. Thanks.


  1. Diane,
    These are absolutely gorgeous. Love the color, arrangement and brushwork.

  2. Would love to see these hanging side by side...so wonderfully painted and such a happy palette!
    Very Van Gogh!

  3. Gorgeous, Diane! I love your color palette and both compositions are just fantastic. No one can paint flowers like you!! :-)

  4. They are such a lovely pair, Diane! The perfect pair in fact as you divided the blue negative spaces in such a way that both paintings have the same amount of the colour. Nice contrasts too!

  5. All of these sunflower paintings are gorgeous. I esp like the little table you've added to some of them. And all the different blues you are using are nice too. Wonderful!


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