Thursday, December 10, 2009

Windy Yellows

Windy Yellows 8" x 8" Oil on Board NFS
Sorry if I talk about the weather too much but I can't get over just how cold it gets here. It's in the 20's with windchill making it feel like ZERO. We keep checking the siding and gutters on the house to make sure they aren't flying away with the wind. Anyway, I will photograph this painting again when the light and temp is more reasonable. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss sunny Southern California today.


  1. This one is amazing. It looks like jazz music

  2. Hi Diane, I think this painting brings a bit of sunny Southern California to anyone who looks at it. It's bright and cheery, beautiful!

  3. Your work is so stunning! Congratulations on winning Sandy's giveaway!

  4. Hi Diane, I love your style of painting...very dreamy brushstrokes!

  5. I know the feeling about leaving behind lovely climates and scenery in favor of family...or rather, never pursuing the adventures of said climates because of looking out for family needs instead. I'm sure watching your nephews grow is just the tonic to get you through the coldest days!

    And dream of sunny days in CA on vaca during the doldrums of winter! ;o) Your talent brings sun and joy to everyone who is privileged enough to see your work!

    Sending You Warm Southern Hugs from Unadventurous Alabama,

  6. These nasturtiums are beautiful! I love the way you've captured them.


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