Sunday, November 29, 2009

Face Painting

My dear Nephew and his cousin had a 6th birthday party this afternoon. ...and my sister asked me to do face painting. It was TOO much fun! Yes, for a cranky childless old broad like myself it was just what the doctor ordered. I made a color print out of samples (found online) and each child got to pick. The boys wanted to be Spiderman and Hulk, most of the girls went for "butterfly eyes." I think fun was had by all, but especially me. Happy Birthday Nathan & Christopher!! nodp


  1. So sweet of you to do this! I can imagine this was difficult with high energy kids and all of their fidgeting! But little faces of art, what could be more fun!

    You're the best Aunt evah!


  2. Looks like you brought a lot of joy to these kids! How cute! And by the way, from these photos you certainly don't look cranky, old or childless!

  3. How lucky your sister is to have an artist for a sister! I love the butterfly eyes too, they look fabulous. And how brilliant to print out some samples for the kids to choose from. I'm glad you had fun too!

  4. What a cute Ant you are {please note the spelling}! I am the Ant that has no children of her own. {"Oh what a shame. Aren't you afraid you'll be lonely?"}
    Lonely? HA!
    I just took one to Paris before her wedding-Am helping another furnish his first home-and here comes the next generation!
    Sweetie you are the cat that ate the canary!!!! Ant Dottie

  5. Loren: Yes! Fidgeting, understatement! Oh, they do fidget & giggle and take it all in stride! Although, one of the boys had had his face painted TWICE before and he was like a stone statue. I may have done my best HULK on him. Janelle: Thank you for the kind words. ANT Dottie: Thank you for the ever interesting and colorful comment, I hope my nephews will lean on me like that too... You Madame are the bee's knees!! Joan! Thanks my friend. Can't wait to see the magic you make in that spacious new studio!!

  6. Wow!! How'd you get that big white arrow to stay on top of his head? JK...

    Are you the nicest and prettiest auntie a nephew could ever have?!

  7. What fun, I bet they loved it. No one ever had such exquisite face painting.

  8. Looks like everyone had a good time. Good for you.

  9. you shouldn't put Scotch tape on a kid's eyes
    ha ha


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