Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Untitled I & II Red Tulip Paintings 18" x 18"

Untitled I & II 18"x 18" Oil on Stretched Canvas NFS
Click image to see bigger.
I'm (happily) back in production mode on a couple of projects. More information to come as things unfold. These tulip paintings will be available for sale in a few months, to reserve or commission a painting, please email me!


  1. Again, your flowers are great! You always choose the perfect background color!

  2. Beautiful composition and color palette...BRAVO!

  3. I'm loving your work Diane! These large floral paintings are wonderful! I like the photo to the left with you sitting among them. It gives a sense of how big they really are. I think the Pinocchio/Brady bunch series is very fun!


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