Monday, April 13, 2009

Irises for Martha

April Irises 12"x 9" Oil on stretched canvas SOLD
Click image to see bigger.
Sometimes freedom of expression is over-rated. (: The customer who commissioned this painting mailed me a paint color swatch. She also emailed a photo of an iris themed lampshade found in the room in which the painting was to be displayed. I sent her possible reference photos-- and she had an instant favorite. (Love that!) I've been painting white flowers for a few days now and the design, color and composition "options" for painting those seems endless. (I didn't post all of them, oh no, not all of them were successful.) A commission like this is a welcomed opportunity to provide what is asked for and to have the satisfaction of knowing it is appreciated.


  1. April Irises is lovely. It sounds like your experience allowed the commission to be completed easily.

  2. Your paintings are beautiful Diane. They have a sense of peace and tranquility about them. Very, very good.

  3. I always look at the larger image and I am ALWAYS studying in amazement those masterful paint strokes you make on the tiniest details like that center petal that curves to the left.

  4. Beautiful irises...I would LOVE to be able to create such lovely brushstrokes!

  5. nice job.
    I don't know why I hate painting commissions. I should be praising God for them but it seems like everytime I have to do one I have this "brilliant"image of something else I want to do.
    Your buyer should be happy with this painting


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