Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memories: A painting from 2002

I'm working on a few larger paintings this week, I will post 'em as I can. Here's a painting from my Children at Play Series. It is a combination of watercolor and color pencil on Arches paper. The boys are my (now adult) cousins in a row boat in my Mother's backyard pond. Sold


  1. Coooooooool! How long ago did you paint this?

  2. Thanks! Joan, as the title would imply (clears throat) the painting was created in 2002. (: Heehee.
    I still have file folders full of photographic reference for this series and I haven't given up the idea of painting children at play again...this time in oils! But what's new? I have more ideas than time.

  3. Diane, this is AMAZING. If you do more, please let me know. I adore this piece. The look of it is so evocative. -Jennifer


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