Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Old Cat Friends and Sheep Herding at Farmpark

Cat Nap
Not enough time in the day... I took a week "off" from painting to do a bunch of business (and kitchen) things and it morphed into two weeks... Lol, it's shocking how quickly time goes by.

I made a trip to the Cleveland shelter to aquire new reference material (aka photos.) 

The shelter has a feral cat colony in a side yard.  (cats are ear tipped and well fed--) I was so delighted to see some familiar kitties hanging out in the parking lot...  

I painted "Hilda" (a favorite) back in 2014! It was a nice surprise to catch a glimpse of that kitty. The other cat was featured in painting "Cat Nap" from 2016 which is still available here.

During a photo expedition to Farmpark, I happened upon a fascinating lecture about sheep herding (video included.) 

Apparently, Tom the Border Collie Shepherd does not work for doggie treats... He does it purely for the opportunity to herd more sheep. Gotta love it.
I'm hoping to get back in the studio this week! New paintings soon! 

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