Sunday, September 16, 2018

Under the Sunflowers and a collector pic

Under the Sunflowers  Oil on panel, 8"x 8,"  SOLD
The cooler weather fall brings is always such a pleasant surprise.  This time last year we were holed up in a motel waiting for our house to be vacated! Fall was a total blur of moving and unpacking! I so look forward to seeing the leaves change this year. 
Today's painting features a spooky little black cat.  Sunflowers are still my favorites to paint--maybe try a few more combos (flowers + cat) before the snow starts flying. 
Also today, a quick share. My painting, "Blue Coco" sold to a buyer in Germany.  The painting was held up in customs for a really long time... Many emails were exchanged (worried buyer, me bugging my local post office.)  Finally, it arrived and she was kind enough to send me this picture.  Such a funky and cool space!  Can you tell she's is an artist?!  That's her painting of greyhounds above the mirror.  It makes me happy to see my painting in this setting. Thank you, CVW!  

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  1. The painting is gorgeous, both flowers and cat, top notch. Congrats on getting your client's painting to her! Looks marvelous in the space.


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