Monday, March 19, 2018

Roaring Kitten and my nephews

Roaring Kitten, Oil on panel, 8" x 8," SOLD

Since we moved, we live closer to my sister's family and I get to see my nephews more often.  (a joy) Last weekend they came to stay overnight! 

We had a bit of fun painting a floral still life...(see their paintings above.)   ...and more fun with a game assigning each other drawings.  My assignments included "sword wielding robot" and "floating island of cats."  Painting from imagination is not my forte but dangit it if those two can't draw ANYthing you throw at 'em. 

We also took a quick spin around Farmpark which (be still my heart) had baby animals of all kinds, sheep, goats, calves and piglets!!  If you are a local, it's a worthwhile look-see!
Today's painting is better in life...  It is based on a photo from the Love and Hisses archives. (Thanks, Robyn!)


  1. Oh my Lord those kids are growing fast! You are lucky to be close to them and baby animals too! yay!


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