Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My collectors rock.

A fun share today, file this one under "My Collectors ROCK!"

Ms Kim Denise does it all...  She knits, see her lovely shawls!?  She makes over furniture (the dresser is decoupaged with an over sized botanical poster...)  and if that ain't enough, she paints too!  She posted this picture on FB, once I got done swooning over the dresser, I noticed my painting "Messenger II" on the wall.  (Bonus!) Thanks for letting me share this, Kim! :)


  1. She really has an eye, and she got one of those paintings of yours that I wanted! Lovely space, and your work really perks up a room! I can't wait to be able to afford another painting by you! Argh, medical bills instead of art buying...the Worst! xoxo-Loren

  2. That dresser is amazing. And she has the perfect Hoeptner painting for a knitter!lol


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