Monday, October 23, 2017

Cooper II, another dog painting!

Cooper II  Oil on wood, 8" x 8," NFS

Nephews, growing up so quick!
As I write these blog posts for the Cooper paintings (one more to go,) my nephews have no idea I painted him. I'm really excited for them to see the paintings. (Update, sister and nephews have seen the paintings and they liked them.  Me happy. They opted to to have this one. Last one will post tomorrow.)


  1. Wow,those kids are getting big indeed!They were the same size a minute ago. Great painting. I expect the dog commission offers to start coming in (only partially joking)

  2. Cooper is a great muse!! Beautiful are back and knocking them out of the park!!

  3. What an adorable critter! Another beautiful painting! I hope your nephews will love them all.


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