Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tuxedo and Tulips and a Ramble on the Color Green

Tuxedo and Tulips  Oil on wood, 8" x 10,"  SOLD
A few thoughts on the color green:  It's my favorite color to see and my least favorite to paint. Straight from the tube green(s) can be great for fabrics and pottery, but too saturated and plasticy for tulip stems.  I used to mix all my greens, but lately have been using a lot of sap and olive.  The greens in "Tuxedo and Tulips" are both mixed, straight from the tube and all things in between, it's a lotta greens.


  1. I add burnt sienna to my greens to tone down the plastic look Yellow and black make an interesting green...also different yellows and different blues make nice greens. It doesn't have to be primary yellow / blue like we learned in art class

  2. Your paintings always brighten my day! First because you are a wonderful artist and I love how you paint, and second because I'm a "Cat Lady" and never get tired of seeing beautiful kitty paintings! Thanks Diane!

  3. Tuxedo and Tulips ... triangular composition of the first order. The cat however ... is so singular as to command a painting of it's own. kudos.


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