Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fixing a painting, sweet relief and a bit of rambling...

AFTER:  Coco and Freesias  Oil on wood, 10" x 10,"  $375.
BEFORE:  Coco and Freesias 
Did you know today, June 4th is "Hug Your Cat Day?"  It was fix that cat painting day for me.  (Coco gets enough hugs already.)
It happens more than we artists like to admit:  There's a kind of discontent that can simmer when we finally quit a less than stellar painting.  Maybe you shrug it off and move on. "Next!" (my personal preference.  Making a mental note of what went wrong and starting fresh.) Or maybe you get attached and fixing it becomes a necessity. --which is what happened here.
I went in thinking to fix Coco, soften and blend him in a little better... That lead to repainting the background color...  It had too much yellow in it which was sucking the yellows out of my focal points. Sweet relief,  much happier with it now.  "Next!"  (or in this case, another before and after "fixed" painting in tomorrow's post!)


  1. I don't see what you fixed Diane!!! I'm going nuts going back and forth!!! Anyway LOVE this painting!!

  2. I certainly know what you mean. That's how I paint ; going from one discontent to another! lol Going back to alter depends greatly on if one can see clearly what needs fixing and sees how to do it. Then it becomes an itch that must be scratched.

  3. I like your background "repaint" better also, and now I might consider how to correct some my unhappy paintings of the past. Thank you for all that you share! And for honoring our furry friends in paint with the utmost of grace, beauty and reverence.


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