Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ordering a Print from Fine Art America, SWEET

Ever since I posted my cat paintings on Fine Art America, I've been dying to know what the actual product looks like. They do the printing and shipping.  But I had no way of knowing what it looks like without actually ordering one myself. I wasn't interested in the prints on acrylic, metal or canvas. I just wanted to see the paper version called "print..."

Of special interest: What would a tiny 8" x 8" painting LOOK like as a 24x24 print?
Love, love, love my new print "Brooding Coco" from Fine Art America!
Wonder no more! Here's a picture of me and a Fine Art America print of "Brooding Coco." I'm partial to this cat (of course, I had to order a Coco-puff) but honestly the print is fantastic! The colors and contrast are accurate. I paint on a smooth surface--and because of that printed versions of my work enlarge nicely. There is no shadow effect from canvas grain.
As an artist who sometimes berates herself for not (doing and) offering BIG paintings, this printed version hits the spot. The paper is lush and thick. It arrived in a timely manner and the print was rolled into a larger piece of paper to prevent damage in transit. (I did mount it to a piece of foamcore to make photographing and eventually framing it easier!)
I want to order more now. LOL. The price on a print (this size) from Fine Art America is $54.40 --- Though they offer many size and material options! Interested?  Here's the link to my paintings on Fine Art America.


  1. This print looks wonderful! Congrats! Love seeing your awesome work.

  2. Nice, Diane. Size has such impact. That is an awesome painting, but a big cat head really kicks up the drama.

  3. It looks fabulous and it is pawesome they print on so many mediums so everyone can enjoy your lovely artwork. I will never give up owning an original someday however, or my dream that you do a custom portrait of my best girl. 💜

  4. It looks fantastic at this size, Diana...AND without being distorted!!!!. Wonderful work and you have a very good printer!

  5. Excellent! How sweet! I am very impressed and thankful that you showed us what a 6x6 would look like blown up, amazing. Another kudo to you!

  6. The painting looks amazing! It's not just the surface, but your solid draftsmanship and coloring allows the wonderful enlargement . Coco looks like a wisdom figure! The size seems to unpack the power of the

    I have been looking for a pint / fulfillment company...I think I found them!


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