Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yellow Bloomers ...unfinished & abandoned

Yellow Bloomers  Oil on wood  12" x 12"  NFS
Click image to enlarge.  Diane@DianeHoeptner.com
This year I will make good on my threats to add more stuff to my still life setups.  This painting was abandoned because of technical difficulties, it is not finished.  Note to self:  Water soluble oils dry faster than regular oils and that must be taken into consideration when painting larger dimension paintings.   Painting into half dried paint is a no-no!  Doh!


  1. What a cute title! Cute little doll, too.

    I want to make my paintings more complex, too. As I'm learning, I want to stretch myself some.

  2. Even though you claim it's unfinished, it's still at a caliber of technical level I strive and YEARN to be at. I LOVE the way the Cupie is facing away from us. Intriguing!

  3. Diane,
    I like this also- as always your colors have a harmony about them. I think it looks great= will be curious as to what else you want to do to it.
    So, do you like the water soluble oils other wise? I have never tried them...

  4. Thanks Virginia! Sheila, welcome!! Good to see you visiting and I see you are painting again too, YAY!! Kathy, this painting was very frustrating. I finished all the "grunt work" and had the paint stayed wet and workable, I would have so enjoyed adding hilights, softening edges and refining it. Oh well, must remember to pace myself next time around. Smaller paintings are much easier to finish in one sitting. I do LOVE the water soluble oils. The clean up is really easy... And no fumes from solvents is great too. Thank you for commenting. (:

  5. Nice job, Diane...you are too funny.
    Happy new year!




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