Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happenstance lilly daisy flower floral still life

Happenstance  Oil on wood  10" x 8"  SOLD
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This weekend I am cleaning my studio storage room.  Exciting, right?  The room was intended for casual storage of paintings, frames, old work on paper, portfolios, art fair misc, sewing machine and misc household cables, lightbulbs & gift wrap.  It's not a big room and that stuff got out of control.  (Understatement.)  Now, I've had the brilliant idea that the room should contain paintings only.  Just paintings: clearly organized, labeled, pristine and majestic items awaiting a final destination.  It's a tall order, but a girl can dream right?  I know if I can make that happen, the rest of the year will surely be a breeze.  (: 
In other news, I am happy with this painting.  I will paint it again sometime, bigger.


  1. sounds elegant.
    Where will the other stuff go?
    lucky you have a storage room- my studio IS my storage room too!

  2. Oh Sally I know! Thanks. I'm still sorting. Sewing machine, wrapping paper and household items will go downstairs (somewhere, heh.) All no-longer-relevant art items are getting dumped or better organized. It's almost impossible for me to throw away matt boards, frames and other art things: But I keep visualizing how very nice it will be when everything is neat
    and accessible! Looking forward to that. Must visit your blog tonight and see what you've been up to!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This painting is beautiful, such a nice combination of colors. And that little bench is great, that is a wonderful peice to put everything on yet still have that open space below it if you want.
    Good luck with the organization, I wish you could come to my house!
    p.s. I wondered where the other stuff would go too. :)

  4. That's what I was doing most of this weekend, too! Cleaning out the studio, dragging furniture around, trying to make the space work a little better, and finding a home for those little stray 'things'.

    Your color choices & florals are always so inspiring!! beautiful! (and now I've got to go out to the grocery store for some new flowers before the storm blows in here tomorrow!)

  5. Love the complementary colors. I think the storage room word "casual" says it all.!

  6. Wow, you set the bar high! Best of luck. I clean stuff up and pretty quickly it degenerates. Nice tiger lilies. Pretty!

  7. Yep, it's a neat painting. It will look spectacular bigger.


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