Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Light Catcher II oil painting of cat

Light Catcher II  Oil on wood  8" x 6" 
Click image to enlarge.  Diane@DianeHoeptner.com
Coco again.  But not a great likeness this time.


  1. Love this Coco series! Such a beautiful cat and your paintings are fantastic!!

  2. Beautiful.
    I just got two new babies after losing my 'boyfriend' of 14 years in October :(
    Traumatic but I think I'm gonna be ok now.

  3. I love the muted neutral tones and the play of light. Very tranquil.

  4. I love these Coco paintings. The subtle colors are as lovely as Coco.

  5. Beautiful composition! The play of light on the floor and across his face is really nice. I love all these paintings of Coco! I don't know how I missed seeing them. Really nice!

  6. So what if it's not a perfect likeness. I love the whiskers!


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