Friday, August 8, 2008

Dutch Bisque Boy & Yoda

Dutch Bisque Boy & Yoda 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD
Please email me for purchase information.

A peaceful warrior and a Dutch boy in knickers watch SOMEthing with much interest. I only had a few hours today...may rework this one again later.


  1. Diane-I was browsing through artists listed on Carol Marine's blog and brought up your work--love your simplicity and color--you ought to love that painting of th cat on the hexegonal flooring-it is fabulous.

  2. This is a nice piece. Do you return the toys when through? Or are these all yours? Will you share?

  3. Very interesting models! Love your composition.

  4. Hey Diane! I love the Yoda series!!

    Your paintings look great on the wall at the Collinwood show!

    I used to hang out in Collinwood in the 70's , It was a bit "different" back then!!

  5. Pamela, Thanks! I seem to go into a different mode when I paint the cats... Onpainting: A lot of the toys I paint were originally purchased for the purpose of selling them on Ebay for profit. Once I paint 'em though, it's hard to give them up. And no, I don't share, heheh. (: milindmulick: Thanks, love your retro modern interiors! Silvina: Always so nice to hear from you, I gotta get over and see what you are doing too. Robin: It's time you came back to Cleveland, I can tell you miss it. (:


Diane Hoeptner Art Blog: Oh yay! A comment from YOU!!