Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Wolf Warden

The Wolf Warden  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330.
A series is born! (Cue the dramatic music!) Yes, I think I've painted enough of these... and I'm afraid there's more in the que, lol.  We'll call it "Beasts of Burden."  I like the Rolling Stones song and I LOVE the combination of large farm animals and cats.  When I paint them, I wonder what is their relationship? Who is the "leader," is there a leader? Do they have similar goals? Compatible dysfunctions? See previous Beasts of Burden paintings here.


  1. How fun and I love the series. We live on a farm with cats, is there a farm without cats and in my world, the cats are always the leaders, in only in their own minds.

  2. A farm without a cat is just wrong! Lol, so true--cats rule!

  3. Terrific painting!I have a watch cat too. They don't do much, but they do watch. A help!

  4. I do not think you have painted enough of these! Keeping my eye on your sheep paintings! LOVE!


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