Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Collectors Rock

I love my job.
California artist Kathryn Hansen told me her Kotie looked just like the shelter kitteh I had painted.  Later she sent me this photo of Kotie and the painting side by side, squeeeeee!  Obviously, this was meant to be! It's a wondrous thing when my paintings find the perfect home. ...and a special thrill when a fellow artist buys my work.  Kathryn uses graphite and color pencils to render lovely animals of all kinds. She also does pet and animal portrait paintings by commission. Treat yourself to a look at her wonderful work here. Thank you for sending the great photo, Kathryn!!


  1. So exciting! Of course your work is amazing, as always! Did Kathryn frame your work or purchase framed? The frame really works!

  2. There's my sweet Kotie with my beautiful and amazing painting that I look at several times a gives me such joy!! I love it so!! And it's even more amazing in person, the internet doesn't do it justice as I love seeing the brush strokes and juicy paint patterns!! Thank you SOO much for the plug too're truly the best!!! So happy I found you so many years ago because of CatCon! Where us crazy cat people go once a year!! :D

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. You have been ever so encouraging over the years... Cat Art Show LA!! :) The THIRD one happens in June! I got a few pieces in, maybe go. Would love to meet you!


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