Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fly Away featured in Desmond Morris book Cats in Art

I'm very pleased to have a painting in the new book Cats in Art by Desmond Morris.  Desmond is a zoologist, TV Presenter and the author of many bestselling books on human and animal behavior.  
An ancient Babylonian sculpture of a cat's head. Babylonians believed that cats escorted the souls of priests to paradise.  Right: Woman with a Kitten by Ambrosius Benson, early 16th Century--when cats were considered a status symbol, the tabby in woman's lap was imported from Syria.
"Fly Away" as featured in new book
Cats in Art by Desmond Morris
This book is unique in that it features rarely seen cat art though out history.  

The role of cats in society, first as rodent-controllers and ultimately as most beloved domestic pet is observed through art. (Did you know there are 87 million pet cats in the US alone?!) The book opens with cave paintings and ends with street art.

My painting "Fly Away" is in the chapter titled Contemporary Traditional Cats. Other chapters include Sacred Cats, Satanic Cats and Native Primitive Cats.  

Left:  Warren Kimble's Cat in Hot Tin Tub from chapter,  Naive Realistic Cats
Right: Love the human eyes on this painting from the Kalighat School, 19th-century Bengal
Left: From the Avant-garde chapter, Andy Warhol 1954 painting
Right: Street art by Banksy in Gaza

When last I checked, it was already nearly sold out on Amazon, with more on order.  Interested?  Here's a link.

Right: From the chapter on Tribal Cats, a cat monster composed of woven textile, dated 300-100 BC from southern Peru. Many of these textiles were discovered at burial sites in the 1920's-- they were used as shrouds for the dead.


  1. I definitely have to read this!! Congratulations on having a painting in it!!!

  2. You are a super cat woman!!! Is that your Halloween costume? Congratulations! It's a big furry cat deal.

  3. I am a fellow artist and I have always admired your work. Congratulations on the book featuring your painting.

  4. I love Desmond Morris, and so very happy to hear that your amazing painting, "Fly Away" is featured in his book. Congratulations!!! Quite an honor!!!! Thanks for the link.


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