Monday, April 25, 2016

Irises and Finch

Irises and Finch  Oil on panel, 10" x 10,"  Available at Lord Nelson's Gallery in PA
A quick update on my painting give away: "Tied Up" was the chosen painting of winner #2 and it will ship to Canada. Winner #3 has been notified that they won "Backyard Daisies," though I haven't heard back from them yet. ...which may mean another random drawing will occur!  I'll keep you posted.
Today's painting took nearly three days to paint...  It's always hard to know when to quit already. The vase is composed of a matte reddish clay with a kind of porcelain like glaze on the bottom.... (a garage sale find) The yellow finch was snagged from Paint my Photo. I really like the shape of the bird and the way the yellow brings the eye all the way around the composition.  Still enjoying the floral with bird combo, maybe a few more... :)

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  1. Gorgeous blue! and especially with the yellow! Nice!


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