Friday, February 26, 2016

I will have three paintings in Cat Art Show: The Sequel

Just another art show?  No. Because cats!   It's Cat Art Show LA: The Sequel.  I'm so pleased to be included again, I will have three paintings at this show (see below.)  Artwork by Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Horitomo and
I love Simon's Cat!!!
Simon Tofield (of Simon's Cat,) and Norman Reedus ("Daryl" on The Walking Dead) and more will be featured.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Kitten Rescue.

"Head in Clouds II," "Florence II," and "Mavis" will be part of Cat Art Show
Norman Reedus with his
cat Eye in Dark
It happens at spacious Think Tank Gallery (939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA) Thursday, March 24 from 8pm-10pm and Saturday and Sunday, March 25, 26th from 11am-5pm

2014's version of Cat Art LA was a blast.  See my blog post entry about it here.  I've never exhibited in a show that generated so much excitement.  It was showcased on Buzzfeed, Time, CNN and NPR.  Crowds lined up for two blocks to get in and the place was packed!  Oh, the magic of cats...  The sequel promises to be even more fun. If you are local to LA, don't miss it! 

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