Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On the Edge, floral still life with blue bird

On the Edge  Oil on wood, 10" x 8,"  NFS
Refreshing, new subject matter, yes it is.  Also challenging! Though, birds are infinitely easier to fit into a still life than cats... Too fun.


  1. Have always enjoyed your paintings of the cats but these last two paintings are wonderful. Great use of two complimentary colors. Sometimes it's useful to "stir the pot" or "shake things up" as artists. Brings a fresh perspective to our work.

  2. Glad you are back to florals. The shadowing on that daffodil is great. Isn't there a kind of bird language like there is a flower language? Certainly flowers have certain meaning etc. Do certain birds have an added meaning? Also like the size

  3. Amazing work Diane! I love the vibrant colors you used!

  4. Little birdies - and I can see you eventually melding the two, whoops, probably not. I like this bird's look.


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