Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer in Cleveland, OH

Boating on Lake Erie last month.
Well, I feel vaguely negligent for not posting new paintings here lately.  I'm working on a cool side project (that does not involve cats) maybe share it later.  

The moving speck in the graphic above is Husband and I boating on Lake Erie  :) Pictures were captured by the City of Cleveland Water Intake Crib. The water crib is a large, round orange structure located five miles from shore.  It removes and cleans Lake Erie water for city use.  It also shoots live webcam 24/7. Last month it rained like crazy (3rd wettest June on record!)  So, we didn't get on the boat as much as we like...  We typically boat around the water crib and then along the lake front.... On a clear day, the Cleveland skyline can be seen.  
A Cleve bridge, behind the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, floating down Cuyahoga River

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  1. Hey Diane! Messin' around in a boat? Sounds fun =) I like the new(er) avatar pic, btw. Indigo x


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