Saturday, April 11, 2015

Giving away "Bronson" for my 7 year blogiversary!

"Bronson" to be given away April 23rd.
This "Bronson" painting is titled as such because I'm pretty sure if Charles Bronson was a cat, he'd look exactly like this cat.  

I mean look at him! He's not playin'. That's some bad a$$ catitude.  

"Bronson" will be part of my 7 year blogiversary painting give away on April 23rd.  

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  1. I do so love following your artistic is what life is meant to be.

  2. Yes, his catitude is obvious.
    Lovely job, Diane!

  3. Bronson! Perfect. He does look like a tough cat.

  4. I have a guy who looks a lot like Bronson. Greeley just decided to moved in with us a couple of years ago and, since he wouldn't go away, we kept him!


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