Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Estate Cat & Can you tell that's a gravestone?

Estate Cat  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
A couple months ago, my husband and I wandered around an old cemetery.  I shot pictures of the gravestones and memorial statues...  
Potential settings for future cat paintings.
(So elegant!)  "Estate Cat" is perched on a gravestone from one of the photos... It works, right?  Looks like some kind of fabulous estate architecture....  Must go again and photograph them without all the icky snow.  :)


  1. I find the cemetery a great place to go to sketch the statues, and take pictures...it's beautiful when the sun light is falling at just the right angle. I love your kitty paintings, Diane, such sweet faces on them, and you always capture their gestures and poses perfectly!

  2. He's adorable Diane and I love your previous Cat in Cranberry Collar.
    Beautiful background...

  3. Its a great painting and I think gatepost in a large stately home rather than cemetery. However, I love cemeteries and go to the oldest ones here to sketch and photograph sculptural headstones and funeral markings. Fascinating places full of history.


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