Sunday, March 8, 2015

Black Cat with Sunflowers

Black Cat with Sunflowers  Oil on wood, 14" x 11,"  SOLD
So many exhibit entry deadlines approaching fast.  I seem to vacillate between not caring and wanting to enter every single one. Much depends on my feelings about my art and that changes from week to week, sometimes moment to moment! 
Need a refresher on finding and entering shows? Check out Joan Breckwoldt's latest blog post, "Entering Art Contests:  The Basics."


  1. Stunning . Everything is strong part is holding back the rest. The lemons are great , the glass pieces are particularly fine. I love how the cat's eyes match the petals A tour de force

  2. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for the link to my recent post!
    Gorgeous painting, I love the warm oranges against that black cat looking right at me!
    xoxo, Joan

  3. This one has incredible depth and sparkle, just draws me in!

  4. Love this art! It is very simple, but still interesting and very nice. I love it! Great post.

    Los Angeles Abstract Artist


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