Monday, February 23, 2015

Ragdoll with Daisies floral still life painting with cat

Ragdoll with Daisies  Oil on wood, 12" x 12,"  NFS
Another kitty + floral:  I figured out it's easier to compose these if I find the perfect cat to paint first.... and let the cat inspire choice of floral still life to include as setting.  It's easier because I have way more floral still life reference photos than I do of cats.  and they are shot at many angles with different light....  Will try a few more this week. 


  1. Cats and flowers, an amazing one , two punch . Plus a lemon!
    The cats is great and I love the shadows on the petals

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Love, love it!

  3. Love the gold-yellows, the green-yellows, the orange yellows and how the the blue eyes pop as they partner with the blue vase. Beautiful!


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