Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Palace Cat got smeared, but I can fix it.

Detail of the damage...  Oy
It happens.  Paintings get damaged before they dry.  I use a scrapbooking rack to dry paintings.  Each shelf is 12" x 12"--great for smalls!  Not so great for 11x14s, must be more careful in the future.  Anyway, it can be fixed. Side note, if you'd like to see work in progress shots of this painting (before it got smeared)  I posted some on Pinterest, here.


  1. Beautiful painting - glad you can fix it. Is a treat to get to see it up close!

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  3. I'm happy to know it's a small problem and fixable. If only all problems were!

  4. Just think, Diane - if you painted like me, this would not show up at all!!!!
    it is a simply gorgeous painting.
    I love, love, love your work!


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