Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coco and Daisies floral still life with cat painting

Coco and Daisies  Oil on wood, 12" x 12,"  Original available at Lord Nelson's Gallery in PA  Prints available here.
This one nearly painted itself.  (and I love it!)  I didn't anticipate background colors drying as quick as they did.  As a result, I left it a little rough.  But the daisies have a "finished" quality that makes a nice contrast.


  1. This is a wonderful mix of detail and suggestion.
    Clever having the flowers same color as the eyes!
    I really, really love your set-ups. Always well thought out and never mundane.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Diane.

  2. Coco is obviously a wonderful muse. Lovely painting.

  3. love seeing the eye color in the flowers and the red from the dots in another flower. I agree with Julie. Always very deep intrigue going on in your art.


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