Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trying for perfection with Back Lit Black Cat

Back Lit Black Cat  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  SOLD
One more time, Di.  I keep coming back to this composition. (previous versions, here and here)  Maybe one of these days, I'll get it perfect.


  1. Love this composition! Plus I'm totally impressed with the way you handled the color and value changes in the pattern. Amazing!

  2. Whoa, love how his eyes mirror the gold color in the wallpaper...and the tonal changes going down the wall! This one's my favorite version!!! I'd say you've got by jove!

  3. looks like Mission Accomplished to me.

  4. You have such a wonderful feeling for cats. This composition really captures the way a cat "hangs out". Lovely painting.


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