Monday, January 5, 2015

Sweetie Pie a Calico at the Cleveland Animal Protective League

Sweetie Pie  Oil on wood  8" x 8," NFS
Happy New Year!  Did you make it through the holidays ok?  I spent the last few weeks tinkering with online stuff.  I overhauled this blog and my website.  There's a few extra bells and whistles...  (See my new cat video and the searchable cat paintings in the right sidebar! Subscribers, if you are reading this from your email, click over and see!)   

I was happy to get back in the studio today.  "Sweetie Pie" is this cat's actual name.  ...despite a blind/cloudy eye, she's very photogenic, so don't be surprised if you see more paintings of her in the future. 


  1. Diane, I love the new look of your website!! And also, of course, the lovely new painting--very sweet kitty!

  2. love the new changes. I'm working on lots of changes on blog and website also. Sweetie Pie is a cutie pie


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