Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Painting cats is fun and a new painting!

Palace Cat  Oil on wood, 11" x 14,"  NFS
You may have noticed, my blog is a little more cat-centric this year.  [fe]line, form and color,  the new tagline sums it up...  I wanted to make it easier for cat peeps to find me.   Limiting my painting to one subject matter would have been a unthinkable (and possibly tragic) a few years ago. But it's proving to be more delightful than I anticipated.  Making the commitment to do so (if only for a year) forces me to try new things to keep it interesting.   
Should you be a fan of cats, I recommend a leisurely browse at the great cat.  It is a site dedicated to documenting all things cat through art, literature and history.  Cats in film through history is especially interesting.  Creator, Laura Vocelle regularly adds new content to a variety of categories-- including "Cats in Art-Contemporary" of which I am pleased to be included


  1. That is a great tag line!!! And I absolutely love your cat and still-life paintings!!

  2. Love this painting.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  3. Really sweet! Love your kittys always, and am really loving the clouds!

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  5. Super painting. You say landscape ( or in this case, skyscape) is not your thing...but you are still excellent at it! The architectural element is a fab contrast to all the nature going on...


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