Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey, add a cat to that floral still life painting!

Snapdragon Coco  Oil on wood, 12" x 12," SOLD  Prints available here.
There has to be a use for the floral still life reference photos I've been taking since 2008...  :)  Add cat!?  If it looks like Coco-cat calmly posed while I painted to my heart's content, maybe I got it right...  Will try a few more floral + kitteh combos this week.


  1. Wowsa!! You hit it out of the ballpark!

  2. Good idea! There isn't much that can't be improved by the presence of a cat.
    Lovely painting.

  3. The eye goes from one fab thing to another in perpetuity...floral /cat then cat/floral...wonderful!

  4. This is a winning idea, Diane. You have tapped into a whole new demographic, those who love florals AND cats.

  5. Love this one... I'm a fan of still life (obviously) but the cat made it all yours!


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