Thursday, November 6, 2014

Eye on Sparrow + unsolicited painting advice

Eye on Sparrow  Oil on wood  8" x 8"  SOLD
So glad I painted today...  "Eye on Sparrow" was just the ticket to get myself back in the game.   If you have a bad painting day, heed this advice: Distract yourself right away, do not wallow.  Read a good book, do some recreational shopping or clean the cabinet under the sink. Most importantly, paint again, soon.


  1. What delightful tension in this painting, Diane. The excited posture in the kitten is absolutely smack on and the little bird looking back over his shoulder seems about two heartbeats away from escape, or worse. You nailed it.

  2. What a fantastic painting, Diane!!! This is my favorite!!! (for )
    I love the fur and the subject....

  3. Such great advice and an even better painting!

  4. Ah, retail therapy! It's my go-to choice if chocolate therapy doesn't quite do it. Fail just means a better painting is on its way (or at least I keep telling myself that. If it's true, at this point I should be about due for an amazing painting...)

    But seriously, I'm glad you got back on the horse. This painting is a treat.

  5. Great advice and really what else is there to do? A painting friend and I sign off with " keep painting !!"

  6. Good advice and another great painting.


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